Club Volleyball is a organized travel volleyball team where players from all different schools can come together to form competitive travel teams and travel all over the US to play at the highest level

The two primary factors to consider are: training and competition. West Florida WAVES formula for success on the court is the direct result of a consistent, comprehensive, and progressive training program led by talented and experienced coaches. Through appropriate competition we challenge and test our teams.

  • Our Grassroots program is designed for girls as young as 8.
  • WEST FLORIDA WAVES Volleyball Club currently has teams for players ages 12-18.
  • WEST FLORIDA WAVES Volleyball Club follows the age classification guidelines of USAV.

Unfortunately, this pressure tactic is often used by volleyball programs to secure athlete commitments. At West Florida WAVES, our highest priority is the well-being of the athletes. We promise to conduct our tryouts with the utmost integrity. When you receive an offer from West Florida WAVES, that offer stands and is available until the athlete and her family have taken sufficient time and opportunity to weigh all factors. We do request that families respond to their WAVES offer as soon as they know of their decision, to expedite the team selection process.

Note: We will NOT offer more positions than exist on our teams.

Teams are formed based on the results of tryouts. Players try out for a spot in their age group and teams are formed according to positions.

Yes, with rare exceptions. Additionally, all teams are guaranteed their own court to train on. Team practices will all be held at the UWF Fieldhouse. Team schedules are outlined on our team pages on the website.

Teams are made of 8-12 players.

All teams will practice for 1.5 to 2 hours at least two sometimes three or four times a week. Due to COVID-19 and UWF policies we have had to adjust practice availability as was laid out in detail and made clear during the parent presentation. Every team is guaranteed their own court to train on.

Please check our team pages on our website for more team specific information.

Teams will compete in 8-9 tournaments (Tournaments are decided by coaches after teams are selected). The tournament schedule will be revealed at the team meeting.

An open level team is composed of the more talented players who wish to play at a higher competition level and offers the greatest exposure for college recruiting for athletes.

West Florida WAVES begin training in November/early December. Our teams begin tournament competition in January. Travel season typically ends in late April. Some teams compete longer though the AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL.

We strongly believe in the concept of TEAM….all team members have a role to play on the team and therefore the team is strongest only when all members are present. It is imperative that student-athletes inform the Club of such conflicts well in advance if alternative arrangements are to be made.

No, if you commit to a club you have to stay with that club for entire season.

Club fees vary from club to club. WEST FLORIDA WAVES fees are typically between $1,400 – $2,000. Price range will vary depending on team and tournaments entered.

Players need to plan on being at a tournament from 8am to 5-7pm. Sometimes tournaments are divided into morning and afternoon waves. A morning wave will last from approximately 8:00am-3:00pm, while an afternoon wave may start at 3:00pm and may last until 9:00pm. Most tournaments are two days.

Only teams who qualify through the regional bid championships or a USAV Bid tournament earn a chance to play at the USAV Nationals. A team seeking a national bid will have an extended season into June and will pay additional fees for practices and the National tournament.

If you have any questions that were not on this page, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly get the answer for you!